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we accept the love we think we deserve
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'Students exceed their teachers', yes. But remember, a teacher is a teacher. A senior is a senior. You don't go around disrespecting them, do you?

ok but just cause someone older or debuted first doesn’t mean I’m going to pretend that they’re a better singer or whatever. And honestly I think it would be ‘disrespectful’ to bullshit about it and pretend otherwise. Also, just cause you’re a teacher or a senior doesn’t mean you have to be respected by everybody, the senior could be an asshole and not deserve everyone’s respect js.

And if someone older did nothing to you and you go around disrespecting them, that’s okay?
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I was severely disappointed with TTS’s comeback. The song and dance were boring and I would have rather wanted a new subunit from SNSD. 
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I fucking quit

i hate art
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Pixiv Nickname: 甲斐
ID: 2267678
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SCANDAL on SCANOMICS; “Members’ memorable lives~Part 2: MAMI & RINA part”
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Back to school presents 💝
YG Entertainment’s Yang Hyunsuk and Rain featured on CNN’s “On The Road”



CNN’s “On The Road” travels to Seoul, South Korea as they cover the popularity of Korean culture and Korean entertainment exports. 

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